Poetry by Postcrossing users

Some people wrote to me their haiku and some sent me their favourite haiku:

I am very tired
But I have homework to do
So I cannot sleep.
Thank you AndAllThatJazz

A silly, young, day-dreaming bee
Said I'll fly over the sea.
But she was much too shy
To take to the sky
So she sat on the branch of a tree.
Thank you Latimeria

Summer night
even the stars
are whispering to each other.
Haiku by Kobayashi Issa. Thank you Farmgirl

Connect by postcard
People all over the world
Happy Postcrossing
Thank you mjcalvert

In a Station of the Metro
The apparition of these faces in the crowd;
Petals on a wet, black bough.
Haiku by Ezra Pound. Thank you Immalee

The Golden Gate Bridge
California's great wonder
A must see for all!

Our world is so in need
of love, peace, kindness, friendship,
All Postcrossers can bring.
Haikus by Gilbert B. Battung. Thank you TBattung

Ouran (By Chance)

I am a cloud in the sky,
By chance casting a shadow on the ripples of your heart!
Don’t be surprised,
Nor should you be overjoyed.
I will soon vanish without a trace.
You and I met in the dark sea;
You have your direction and I have mine.
Remember if you will,
Better yet if you forget
The spark we exchanged in our encounter.
By Xu Zhimo. Thank you shc

Along this road goes no one, this autumn eve.― Matsuo Bashō

The wind blows on a day in last summer.
I find a cold wind faintly,
on the Chrysanthemum festival.
By Nana. Thank you nanapop

After the spoon
a galaxy
in my coffee cup.
Thank you MonoNoAware

The moon rises in the east.
The sun sets in the west.
I enjoy canola blossoms over the fields.
By Yosa Buson. Thank you Moe

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